BioStein Universal Cleaner 850 g

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Product information

BioStein is a fantastic, all-purpose ecological cleaning agent which doesn't use toxic substances or acids. It's perfect for a wide variety of surfaces and materials, such as chrome, brass, tin, steel, aluminium, copper, gold, silver, glass, enamel, crystal, synthetics, acrylics, ceramics, wood, etc. BioStein cleans, polishes and protects all at the same time!

Where can you use it?

  • Bathroom: Enamel, acrylics, ceramics, chrome, stainless steel, etc.
  • Home: Kitchen, electric rings, taps and fittings, cooker, sinks, tiles, windows and window frames, etc.
  • Car: Chrome fittings, bumpers, windows, plates, wheel rims, etc.
  • Sports: Windsurf boards, surfboards, boats, skis, caravans, etc.

  • Essential in homes, hotels and restaurants.

Single BioStein block, Standard size, cont: 850 gr (net weight), one sponge included per block


schmutzlösende Bestandteile aus umweltfreundlichen natürlichen Stoffen:
>30% Poliertonerden, 5-15% planzliche Seife, Wasser, <5% planzliches Glycerin, Sodiumcarbonat, Duftstoffe

Hazard and safety instructions (GHS)

Signal word


Hazard symbols

GHS07: Irritant

GHS H-phrases

H319: Causes serious eye irritation.

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